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Searching for treadmill product reviews look no further

diversified products - treadmills.

With so many treadmills to wade through it great to have all your treadmill product reviews and ratings in one place, so we have put together all the best fitness magazines who have given ratings on treadmill, how well the perform, how durable they are etc.. After looking for hours at many of the consumer reports and then contacting the manufactures and retailers both online and offline we were able to compile a solid amount of information to help consumers find the best treadmill to buy.

with such a diversified selection of treadmill products it can be easy to get confused, so where do you start, how do you approach reading treadmill product reviews and finding the right treadmill for you.

Decide Who, Where, & How

WHO- Decide who will be using it.  This is important because a single user that weighs 110 lbs. will need a much different treadmill than a family of 4 that has 2 people over 200 lbs.  For each person, over 2 people, that is using the treadmill on a regular basis, which is 3 times per week, we recommend stepping up 1 level in quality (we will talk about quality levels in a sec).

WHERE- This is also equally important.  If you have a tiny space to place it in, you won’t be able to buy a large commercial unit, even if you can afford it.  You want to make sure you see the treadmill every day.  Remember, out of sight, out of mind.  Space may necessitate a treadmill that can fold up or you may need to limit the weight of a unit if it will rest upstairs in an older home.  Think through all of these factors before you purchase.

HOW- How it will be used is the most important consideration.  An older 95 lb. lady that wants to use it 10 minutes a day, 3 days per week is going to need a much different treadmill than a competitive athlete.  Normal use would be considered using it up to 30 minutes per day, every day of the week.  Past this, you should step up 1 level in quality for every 30 minutes per day extra that it will be used.

Once you have got those thing figured out you have a good foundation of where to begin, then its on to read the treadmill product reviews and ratings.

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