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Treadmill Care and maintenance - Extending the life of your treadmill

Stay one step ahead with treadmill maintenance

Chances are you may never need to replace a part on your treadmill as they are built to endure the toughest treadmill workout, but like everything in life.. if we tend to overlook the small things, they have a tendency to catch up with us.

Long term Treadmill care is extremely simple, and can be very cheap if you stay ahead by maintaining your machines moving parts, and the areas your more likely to wear out due to daily usage, such things as the treadmill belt, running platform and the control panel. Treadmill complete care kits containing treadmill lube are a perfect way to keep everything running smooth.

The majority of the time treadmill maintenance mainly involves.

  • keeping the treadmill clean and dust free
  • adjusting the belt so it never slips
  • belt alignment
  • preventing noise with lubrication
  • preventing friction

Providing that you keep things clean, lubricated and doing the odd adjustment here and there, you will be able to enjoy your treadmill a lot longer . Treadmill Care and Maintenance simply keeps everything running smooth and increases the life of your treadmill and more costly expenses.

Treadmill Care Kits for Maintenance

MegaFitness : Maintenance kits! - Treadmill Maintenance kits Treadmill lube Maintenance Kits, Cleaning Kits and Combo Kits
Amazon - Treadmilldoctor Treadmill Experts
A Great selection of maintenance kits from the experts
Treadmilllube - Treadmill lube
Provide the highest quality treadmill lubrication products along with the most cost-effective and hassle-free application process available to maintain your equipment.

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